First day back online
Posted on May 29th, 2012
Quick recap of the weekend:

Saturday was largely spent working on every project I could. The lack of internet meant that I had no distractions and thus had an easy time getting things done. It also meant that I wasn't able to work on several things as the documentation I need for them isn't available offline. By evening I had completed an update for both DBHL and A Wee Tiny Blog and had also done a lot of work on the models for the comic.

Sunday started out with a trip to the nursery and the healthy junk food store. I picked up lunch at their deli; chicken Parmesan! I also got some spinach rolls, but found the cheese in them to be far too sharp for my liking. The rest of the day was spent playing Zen Gardens, Chocolate Castle and some Kirby on the DS. Generally speaking, withdrawal set in around 7:00 PM and by the time I went to bed I was getting frustrated at not being able to do much of anything.

Today I plugged the computer back into the modem and began anew. To my amusement, it only took about an hour to catch up on everything. After that, I uploaded the updates, looked up the information I needed and produced a new page for the the rabbit hole. I also created two brushes for GIMP.

I spent the last few hours playing through many quests in DFO.

Just a little bit ago someone mentioned that GIMP released a new version, so I had to look it up. GIMP 2.6 had been out for a long time with only minor bugfixes, so I wasn't expecting a major version release. GIMP 2.8 has a large number of tweaks to make it easier to use; for example it can be configured to be one window now instead of the three floating windows, making everything easier to manage.

The bummer about this update is that it came with many new brushes, including two that are pretty much the ones I made this afternoon. My rainbow star brush is better than their solid color star brush, but my crayon texture brush (the reason I was getting a new brush in the first place) pales to one of their new brushes. So basically I made something was obsolete when it came out. Haven't had that happen in a long time.

Today was also Memorial Day, and so the link of the day is about a veteran that went fishing and caught a whopper. It took his arm clean off!

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