Thank you Mario, but your spleen is in another castle!
Posted on May 7th, 2012
Today was the day away from projects. As planned, I spent most of it playing through some old favorites. I ended up only having the time to play through Mega Man 3 and some of Super Mario Bros 3, so I didn't get around to the others just yet.

It's been some time (years) since I last played those games. I'm still rather good at Mega Man, as I've been playing other games in the series recently enough to still have good muscle memory. Super Mario 3 however, turned out to be a hilarious schadenfreude filled romp down the nearest pit. I used to be incredibly skilled at that one. Today I found myself flying tail over ears into holes of all sizes and into things that a sane person would have dodged easily.

I also played a fair amount of DFO and Jewel Quest 2 during the day as well. This evening I completed the latter, so soon I'll be moving on to the third game in the tetralogy. I actually kinda feel sorry for the bad guy, as he's defeated by the protagonists slipping seafood into his dinner. He's rather allergic to seafood you see. So am I, hence why I kinda feel sorry for the murdering bastard. He lives BTW.

Much of the time I was playing Jewel Quest was also spent pondering the mysteries of My Little Pony. There's a lot of interesting things left unexplained while other things are sort of explained indirectly. I do believe I've worked out the nature of alicorns, notably how Celestia and Luna appear immortal while their relatives apparently are not. Suffice to say, this will make good fanfic fodder.

My plan for this week is to get a page a day done for DBHL, finish up the letter to grandma and get the fanfic going again.

The link for the day is a silly little YouTube video about carrots.

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