Motivation at a new low
Posted on April 27th, 2012
Most of the day was spent wondering where the motivation to work on anything went. I pretty much spent today doing nothing, not really even feeling like playing games.

During the afternoon I cleaned up the files on my computer and moved things around a bit.

Late in the day I showered with the new shampoo and conditioner we'd picked up at the health food store. In a nutshell, we saw an article that claimed soaps without fancy scents or chemicals are better for people with skin disorders (like me). I've been using the soap for a while and it does seem to be improving the condition of my hands, so we opted to try a different hair product. It's too early to tell if it's any better than what I was using, but I did notice one difference while using it. It stinks. Whoo-ha, is that a strong smell.

Very late in the day I investigated some things in DFO and discovered a few very powerful alchemical recipes that I didn't have. I didn't have them because my character isn't skilled enough to make them. So I spent some time poking around making a bunch of cruft just to improve her abilities. It worked, and now I can make some interesting and potent mixtures. There's actually more recipes I can't yet learn that I'd like to get, but that's for another day.

One downside of these recipes is that they use magical product, a raw material produced by enchanters. It's expensive to buy from the auction house. After messing around I used the Leap Character event to create a new Rogue. This event lets you start a new character at level 40. If I can get this new Rogue to 60, I can make her an enchanter and thus produce everything myself.

Sure, I have a level 50 Monk, so why start a new character at 40? Simple: the playstyle of Monks is so very different than the playstyle of Rogues I can't last long enough to level him up more. This way I can switch characters without changing how I play.

Speaking of playing around, those two sisters are at it again, playing Portal 2.

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