Disappointments and drawing
Posted on April 16th, 2012
I think I spent more of my day waiting for things to download than anything else. Last week I'd installed a few games to play today, and got some surprises. First off, it turns out Fallout is a turn-based RPG, not an overhead shooter RPG like Greed: Black Border. This was the first disappointment, as I felt like something shooty and turn based combat isn't it. That's not to say I don't like a good RGB; far from it. It's just not the flavor I wanted today; like ordering a savory mushroom with double cheese and getting pepperoni. It's still good pizza, just not what you were expecting.

So I downloaded and installed Metro 2033. And it turns out this computer, while much more powerful than the older one, isn't capable of running this game either.

My next attempt was Burn, Zombie Burn. It turned out to be a cartoonish overhead shooter like Nation Red. Unlike Nation Red, it's particularly fun to play. It's not very clear what's going on and there seems to be a lag in the controls. Meh.

I followed that up with Limbo, which is simple to play and looks like one that'll take some replays to really do well. I ended up needing a few hints from walkthroughs at a few points, but nothing seriously impeding. Amusingly, some of the times I checked a walkthrough the correct answer was exactly what I was attempting to do; I was just not quite pulling it off.

I also installed Iron Grip: Warlord, a unique arcade-style world war shooter. Basically I just didn't want to play through Serious Sam again. I might reconsider by next Sunday though.

While I waited on the downloads, I also took the time to read some of the fanfic backlog I've developed. I didn't get far; it turned out one chapter ended up being very, very long. It took quite some time and two sittings to finish.

The other news of the day that's interesting is that I ended up with another tumblr blog idea. This is basically what happened when you combine some of the things we'd been talking about today with some of the things I've been running into online (tumblr blogs I wish still update for example). I may or may not attempt this; between everything else I'm doing and trying to do, it may just be one thing too many.

Today's link for the day is rather silly. And related to the last topic.

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