Year in review
Posted on December 31st, 2007
Rather long.

I started out 2007 running Linux and fussing with Qemu. Among other things I figured out how to move data to the emulated operating systems: CD ISOs. On the 20th mom and I made our first and notably last trip to a local restaurant. It was nice to see that Rizzo is still employed, but we'd rather eat elsewhere. Late in the month I began messing with Lazarus. A fair amount of time was spent plowing snow off the 200 foot driveway.

Also late in the month Dad quit one of his jobs abruptly and then signed on with another place shortly thereafter. Mom saw the dentist twice in January, thus beginning a series of problems with the dentist.

Project-wise I was still fussing with UGC. I also redid this site, and began work on BrickVM. The PC Project was designed and redesigned several times as major flaws kept cropping up in each plan.

According to reports, this was an unusually cold February. This meant that I had a lot of plowing to do. Dad gave mom one of his laptops, thus she moved out of the basement. During the month we had the bright idea to clean the bottle of Endorphin Rush. Mom only visited the dentist once this month.

Dad bought a new computer that ran Vista and Slingbox. The techs he talked with when setting all of this up probably needed a good deal of therapy.

Project-wise I was still fighting with the PC Project. I did mess with KupierHack at various points, although I'm not sure that did any good. One milestone for this month was that I created the first draft of BrickVM's font. Another milestone later on was that this was the month I joined the World Community Grid and Team Userfriendly.

This month things began to slide. First an old friend contacted us, though we ended up loosing touch again shortly thereafter. One day during the month was spent fixing another friend's computer. In the end I acquired an old eMachine of theirs. Experiments on the eMachine gave me some new ideas programming wise. Mom also saw the dentist three times this month.

Midnight had a surgery this month. Since I was on Night Shift, I spent the night in the kitchen. During that night I simply played various old games as the internet signal wasn't reachable. I ended up getting re-hooked on Mordor during that night. Also during March the massive cat and dog food recalls began.

During this month I figured out how to set up a duel boot so that it would intertwine both OSs. Thus I reformatted and made it so. This was the month that Fur and Faith's forum was disabled and removed. Towards the end of the month I joined Furrs Fur Christ.

During this month dad acquired a new camera. The resulting sh*tstorm that resulted over that was enough to make one of the cats throw up and go tharn. The next thing that happened was the Virgina Tech shooting. Unfortunately, this would be the start of a small trend for the year. The ants came next. The ant troubles were eclipsed by a love seat that suddenly appeared on the freeway. Dad swerved to miss it, lost control and ended up in a swamp.

On another note my desk was moved out of the basement. I also stopped reading Fark as I'd had my fill of drama for the time being. I discovered Sinfest during April, and I also receieved a DS Lite for my birthday.

Mom had yet another trip to the dentist this month.

During May things began to speed up a bit. First Midnight threw up something that resembled coffee grounds, and then at the vet's he collapsed abruptly and needed resuscitated. He recovered, but that was a scare.

Rev. Falwell passed away, and many on the internet threw their faith to the wind and rejoiced.

This was the month the move was decided on and thus the endless trips to Goodwill began. This was also when we met a certain young woman.

The other news from this month was that mom discovered a dead caterpillar in her peas, and LiveJournal's big scandal called StrikeThrough went down. I began work on the project known as "Thingy" that day.

During May Fur and Faith was taken down for some changes and upgrades. I intended for it to be down for only a week or so, but in the end it was down until late October.

June saw the appearance of a cat toy called Egg Rolls. These have since become some of the cats favorite toys.

It's unclear whether moving stuff to the curb and/or Goodwill had a hand in it, but I was hospitalized for 3 days during this month when my knee became swollen.

The internet connection during this month was a game of hide and seek. Complicating matters the infamous WonderModem disabled the internet access for both mom's and dad's computers.

On an unrelated note, this month I discovered both Zortic and Rammstein. I also began seeing the new psychiatrist as my old one had closed his pratice.

The first thing that began to go around in July was the first warnings of LiveJournal's second major mistake, BoldThrough.

I saw a new doctor as the follow up to the hospitalization in June, and the proscription was dangerously incompatible with my other meds. Way to go doc! Another bit of medical news was that a friend of the family had a stroke.

The Catholic Church buggered up a message, and thus many Protestants got their knickers in a twist. The message was simply "Protestants aren't part of the Catholic Church". The problem was that the word "Catholic" was left out when the message was repeated by the press.

By mid July that woman I mentioned was driving us nuts. Fortunately we learned some useful evasion tricks while dealing with the Jehovah's Witness.

The 14th was spent locked in mom's bedroom with the cats while some friends of dad's relieved us of some stuff we didn't want anymore.

The 19th was Moving Day. This was a long an frustrating day. On the 25th, the new apartment was hooked up to the internet.

Shortly after that we discovered that I'm allergic to Lysol wipes, our carpets were freshly cleaned and mom ordered a new couch.

On the 29th, "Thingy" was launched. Thingy, simply enough, was the script that makes this blog work.

The first lovely bit about the apartment was that the furnace didn't work. Thus we had no way of cooling off the apartment during the 95 degree days. Shortly after finding out that the furnace doesn't work we discovered that the fridge didn't work either.

On the third LiveJournal committed the next scandal, named BoldThrough.

The next day we bought an air conditioner.

Then a farking bat found its way in.

Shortly after that a new furnace was installed. However, it was not capable of cooling things down completely, so the air conditioner remained in use.

For more fun, a Tornado showed up on the 8th. At least we know the sirens work.

On the bright side of things, SCO lost their infamous lawsuit on the 10th.

On the 14th I reformatted, as the dual setup was actually more annoying than it was worth. Around that time I discovered two comics: Diesel Sweeties and Minus.

Continuing the trend of fun things, the was a power outage on the 17th.

On the 24th the fridge was serviced and repaired. Shortly thereafter we discovered that the oven didn't work.

The 26ths saw us being unable to play legally purchased DVDs in our DVD player, and Dad wrecking the car again.

At some point during August I added the feed for this site's posts on LiveJournal.

This month began with something underground exploding, knocking out power.

We had a friend of the family put up some shelves and customize the window. The window was altered to have a good seal around the air conditioner.

What was probably the worst shopping trip I've ever experienced occurred shortly thereafter.

Not long after that, the daughter of a friend of the family was arrested in a mess that involved active warrants from several counties and more than one jail.

Noticing that I'd gained a fair amount of weight from all of the junk food we'd been eating I got stricter with the diet -- actually caring about calories for once.

The 18th saw us without water as the apartment's water was turned off for maintenance.

The friend of the family and her husband visited the new apartment and caught the moving bug.

The last event of September was the wedding.

During September I tested by abilities at programing by attempting to write several small trivial programs in 9 different languages. Necros Cavern began during September as well.

This month began with a school shooting and two of our cats having surgery. Complicating matters was that in catching one of them we locked the bedroom door. We had to have maintenance come and unlock the damn thing.

Some relatives from out of state visited this month.

This month was also when we made a very memorable trip to see a social worker. As if we weren't having enough fun the water was shutoff for maintenance and my diet got altered again.

Trick or Treat was an event, with about 90 trick or treaters showing up.

During October Necros Cavern was launched via sourceforge and Fur and Faith was relaunched.

The furnace stopped working again. Shortly after that was another school shooting.

I managed to get the DS online only to lose to just about everyone, including a player named PENIS and a player name C*nt. Thus I gave that up.

I took a week long break from the WCG, and when I resumed it I also joined Rosetta@at;Home.

During this month I discovered both Deer Me and Applegeeks and spent a few days messing with the screen.

I took Fur and Faith down again for a breif time. I didn't work on the current projects in favor of a few throw-away projects. One of them was rendered obsolete when I discovered BBLean, the other was just pointless fun.

The furnace broke down again. Even more fun, the host I'd been with since 2004 choked and died, making the move to another host urgent. I ended up with Dreamhost.

LiveJournal was sold to a Russian company and began implementing an adult content filtering feature that is rather annoying and seems to filter things randomly.

Necros Cavern's GUI port was in progress under a toolkit, but I ended up ditching that in favor of the Win32 api.

Stuff not mentioned above includes the constant trips to the dentist as mom suffered one abscess after another, Dad quiting two jobs, fun with insurance companies, meals interrupted by various people, my having to fight my natural sleep pattern for several months, my constant fighting with brain fog, talks of declaring bankruptcy and other fun things better left unsaid.

2007 was something of a catastrophe. One thing after another after another kept interrupting or hampering daily life.

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