The day that was spent doing nothing
Posted on March 10th, 2012
I was still in a funk this morning; depressed and rather scattered with everything. We still needed to get somethings done though, so we started off with errands. I splurged a bit, figuring that some "comfort foods" might improve things some. For example, I picked up my usual junk at the market and also got some fudge, a homemade rice crispy treat and a lolipop thing called a "unicorn". We also picked up Subway for lunch, which wasn't part of the original plan. I got myself a meatball with extra cheese instead of the usual, still thinking some comfort might be useful.

After talking with mom a bit, I decided to just spend a day not working on any of my projects. I tend to be a workaholic, and my usual multitasking/scattered methods tend to result in a mess after a while. In effect, this goes back to something I've seen a lot in my Bible studies. Wiersbe frequently points out that God made the seventh day for mankind; we need that day of rest. I rarely take it until things break down like they have now. So after doing the Lent picture of the day, I spent the rest of my time today playing either Borderlands or Terraria (mostly Terraria).

In the late evening I spent some time doing a small picture that will be posted to my DA once a certain event occurs (by the end of next week from the looks of it). That was more for silly fun than anything, though I will say that Princess Celestia is surprisingly difficult to draw compared to the other ponies.

So that sums up my Friday. While I'm not feeling as overwhelmed as earlier, one of my projects feels more like a weed than a flower at the moment.

Today's link of the day is a clip from the old animated Lord of the Rings that sums up how I've been feeling about my projects lately, and should explain that metaphor if it wasn't clear enough.

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