Food for thoughts, birds and men
Posted on March 8th, 2012
The day began with a series of errands. Part of the goal was to get more bird seed, but we also needed a few other things. We eventually found everything, and I also picked up a pizza and Mt. Dew for my lunch. Good old spinach and goat cheese pizza.

I had a crazy idea for today's Lent drawing. As per the Lent 2012 challenge, I'm doing a piece of religious art per day. This time around I put a spin on things by installing Terraria and using that to produce the artwork. It took nearly an hour to mine all of the stone and copper I needed as well as chop the wood and actually position everything. Since it was a new world and a new character, I didn't have access to the finer ingredients the game offers. Since I wanted to crop the result and didn't know how well that would work, I built the design high in the sky. And died a few times as I slipped off the scaffolding. Of course, since I was attempting to make a picture rather than progress in the game I didn't stop to make armor or anything more advanced than a wooden sword. This resulted in a few more deaths during the nights.

But the real crazy idea came earlier. Actually I thought of it yesterday, but didn't think it through much. It's an idea for a story based tumblr, like several of my favorite tumblrs. Today I pondered the idea further and ended up with an endless list of crazy, hilarious ideas for it. You know, I was going to do an ask tumblr for Kosh R. Baker and family, but I could never get beyond a short list of about four ideas for comics and that concept stagnated. This new idea is flourishing, and despite a lot of searching this evening I haven't been able to find a tumblr with a similar idea. This sort of surprises me, as I didn't think it was that unique of an idea.

I spent much of the evening working on the models for Background Service. Despite the fun I may have with the tumblr comic idea, I'm still going to get that back on its feet. I managed to fix the problems I was having, though I ran into a new one later on. Things should become streamlined once this is fixed.

For the link of the day, have an absurd beer commercial.

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