Death and taxes
Posted on February 28th, 2012
Today was a long one. It began with the biweekly grocery shopping, which as usual took a few hours. The highlight of that was my very lucky catch that the salsa I'd picked up was the wrong kind. As things were being put on the conveyor at the checkout, I happened to glance over and noticed that the salsa's jar had the design of a dancing devil on it. It was supposed to be corn and tomatoes, not a devil. Turns out that brand's varieties aren't very well labeled. That was the super hot habanero pepper blend ( at least 180,000 scoville, or 90 times hotter than my usual stuff ), not the chipotle I thought I was buying. Close call! The labels are very close to identical; methinks that shouldn't have passed Q&A testing.

Anyway, the next stop after those errands was the taxes. Oddly, my parents were to get a refund. As we were leaving the tax attorney's office, mom realized what the error was. Getting that fixed was easy enough, but it took a while. All in all, we weren't done with our errands until about 3:00 PM.

Most of what was left of the afternoon was spent either checking my usual online haunts or drawing the day's Lent Challenge image. As an interesting side note, today's image managed to be graphic enough to be prohibited on all three Christian groups I'm a member of. I'm not sure if that's funny (considering parts of the Bible are considerably more graphic than my picture) or worrisome (as it's my first image filtered for mature content). Of course, the bizarre part of this whole thing is that I drew some of it (ie, the skull the blood was dripping on) via my DS while we finished up lunch.

I spent the evening playing Borderlands and poking at things. Overall, I just didn't feel like doing much this evening.

Speaking of the strange, macabre and bizarre, check out this abandoned amusement park in China.

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