Ponies and a pizza
Posted on February 7th, 2012
This morning began with a series of errands. Mom's been having issues with allergies, and we're guessing that the bird seed is a big part of the problem. After all, she's allergic to sunflower and much of the seed we use has that in it. Filling the scoops for the feeders sends dust everywhere, so it's a reasonable guess that her problems are caused by the seed. This morning we left for the bird seed store to get something different.

I wanted to look at some office software, so we detoured briefly into the nearby Staples. They didn't have anything (or rather, didn't have anything at a decent price) so I didn't get anything.

After the bird store we went to Target for various odds and ends. I picked up two more basic ponies; Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Thus my goal of acquiring the mane 6 is half done, and for a much lower price than they can be found online. For example, Rainbow is $18 online, but $5 in the store. I also found a brand of spinach and goat cheese pizza that was low in sodium ( about 980 for the entire thing ), so I got that for lunch.

I spent the afternoon working on my software problem. Skydrive and the online Word app is nice, but our connection isn't holding well at the moment (yep, the sewer folks are playing in the dirt again) and it's haphazard to use. So I went looking for a word processing program that was reasonably priced. MS Office is $500, so that was out. Open Office / Libre Office runs like crap on my machine, so that's out too. When Amazon started crashing my browser (AJAX and poor connections do not play together well) I started looking for another alternative. I tried installing an older copy of Works, but it crashes on exit and then wouldn't launch again.

I played around a bit and discovered that the spell check in Firefox is working again. Part of my problem was that it conked out a while back, so with that back I can use the custom made editor I wrote earlier. I spent the rest of the afternoon editing its code and touching it up.

The evening was spent doing some work on the Notepad while I watched a few episodes of Pony. That confirmed it; as I'd suspected I wasn't writing one of the characters correctly.

The late evening was spent playing Borderlands. Good game so far; though I've hit a spot where I'll need to grind for a bit to have a chance against the next missions.

Lastly, everyone that saw the last episode of My Little Pony pretty much saw this link coming.

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