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Posted on August 9th, 2007
Today seemed to be filled with dramas. LiveJournal's drama has continued to reach new heights. For example it has now been stated that LINKING to contraband content will get you banned, and of course only the LiveJournal staff know what is or isn't prohibited. One other thing that came to light was that anime fans and artists are in the most danger. This is because many people, usually non-animefans like the LiveJournal staff, have trouble telling the age and gender of anime characters. So all those dirty pictures of Sephiroth and Cloud better hide under the mattress before someone sees them!

The other drama had nothing to do with computers or the internet. I woke up from a nap around 4:00 PM. At 5:00 PM I starting hearing an annoying whine and figured it was just the furnace. Then mom came in. That wasn't the furnace: it was a tornado siren!

Thus my remarks about being totally screwed in the advent of a tornado were proven correct. As expected, we quoted Spike Wikicity's infamous line from Transformers: The Movie (1987). For non-transfans, that line go something like "Oh s***! What are we gonna do now?" .

The tornado went south of us -- right through the neighborhood we moved out a few weeks ago.

Some of the reporting on the storm was kinda funny. First there's the many lines about the storm moving out of the area. Thanks to the way they were phrased, the sentiment was something like "The people east of here are going to get clobbered Hooray!" .

The other funny bit was a remark that officers are "specially trained" to identify tornadoes. My reply to this was blunt and to the point: "You need training to identify a tornado? It's a huge f***ing cloud touching the ground!"

In other news, the driver of that school bus seen in the bridge collapse is not only a hero for saving the children aboard, but he's a hero to many people because he said no to a photo-op with Bush.

On the goofier side of things, here's a video I spotted on FFC's forum: Schnappi and another round of laughs from the Potter Puppet Pals. This time Harry's pissed off (and for good reasons)!

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