Holy crap, we have company
Posted on January 25th, 2012
As expected, I ended up getting up very early. I spent the early morning hours doing some major clean up of my DA messages, clearing about 2,000 of them. I then moved on to fussing over my bookmarks, which have become a total mess since I discovered tumblr blogs.

One of the major changes is that I joined tumblr myself. I've been debating about creating a roleplay blog, but instead settled for a run of the mill blog account. This way I can use that to follow the scores of tumblrs I read instead of using bookmarks. I've left questions enabled; the first one was by the tumblrbot and I gave it a sarcastic and truthful response.

During the morning I also did some reorganizing and re-planing for the Notebook. It should resume updating normally tomorrow.

In other early morning news, I did a little research into burnout. According to Wikipedia, there are several stages. The list sounds a lot like a checklist for how my projects tend to go. This probably explains why I burn out on things faster than other people.

On that note, I also went back and returned to both Dungeon Fighter Online and Neopets. The former was very likely a case of burn out: I worked very hard for more than a week to earn access to a desired feature, and this ability turned out to be extremely anticlimactic, rendering all of that effort useless. Nexon's handling of their server issues didn't help matters. I still have not completed the game's story, and there's clearly more to see.

My dropping out of Neopets however was more of a case of painful memories; ie, it was a victim of bad timing. Now that I've had some time to grieve, the game can resume. My habitarium was completely dead as one would expect, but it's now being repopulated and the little bugs can putter about once again.

In any case, none of the online games have priority like they once did, so hitting burnout again is less likely.

The rest of the day was spent with mom and a friend of hers. The majority of the visit was naturally about their shared hobby, quilting. We all trekked out to a local craft supplier and then discovered that they no longer carry quilting supplies. With some time to spare, we headed out to another craft store a slight distance away where they spent the next three hours or so looking at fabric and discussing things of that nature. I'd tagged along, and mostly just hung around. Of particular note I discovered a sheet of My Little Pony fabric. It was G3.5, so not the ones everyone wants right now. It featured that generation's Rainbow Dash and a pegasus named Starsong.

As the link of the day shows, Gen 3 ponies were different.

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