Burned out
Posted on December 23rd, 2007
Today was pretty much like any other day until around 3:30 PM. At that point, a fire broke out on the 4th floor. When we heard the fire alarm, we assumed it was another false alarm. However, when we heard more than one firetruck and an ambulance show up, we decided to investigate.

We didn't get far before the smoke clouded the area. We went to the first floor and started asking questions. Getting nowhere, we went outside and walked around in an attempt to see where the fire was. After not being able to see any sign of fire, we started to re-enter the building but got stopped at the stairs by two firefighters.

So mom an I went back outside and got in the car as it was far warmer than the 17F snowstorm we'd been freezing our butts off in for the past 30 minutes. At this point we didn't know where the fire was, how big it was or anything much beyond the fact that there was a fire.

While I figured the firefighters knew what they were doing and would take care of the fire safely, mom was a nervous wreck. While shaking, she kept asking questions between sobs and cries of "oh God". These questions include: Where was the fire? How big was it? Would the cats burn up? Would we have to move back to the country? Should we move back to the country? Are we gonna die? Will dad (currently sleeping in the apartment) survive? Will the building burn up? Will the cats asphyxiate? Will everyone die in a fiery inferno? Will the fire start up again after the firefighters leave? What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Oy. I can understand being worried. But when there's nothing you can do, let the professionals do their job and hope for the best. Turning into sputtering jelly just makes a bad situation worse.

The fire was dealt with rather quickly, but we had to wait for the smoke to clear before we were allowed back in the building. We spent the evening with the windows open and fans going in an attempt to get the smoke out of the apartment.

I spent the rest of the evening doing some coding and working on some graphics for a project.

The only link for today is a BBC news article I forgot to link to yesterday: Christmas is for everyone.

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