Buffet Day
Posted on December 21st, 2007
Today began with Christmas Dinner -- aka a trip to the buffet. I had a number of dumplings, many skewered chicken meafloafs, several donuts, some pizza and a bowl of fried rice.

During the meal a group of 30 arrived for lunch. They all went to the buffet at once, so Mom commented on waiting for 'the horde' to move on before getting a second plate. If they are the Horde, then we're the Alliance. Ick.

Also, the staff wished everyone, including us, a Merry Christmas. So much for the War on Christmas!

I was fine when we got home, but then I had several drinks and the rice absorbed the water. Then my gut felt like a pin cushion. So I took a small nap while the stomach worked itself out.

I spent part of the afternoon writing up a little page for mom's blog.

The remainder of the day was spent fighting an extremely annoying problem with one of my projects. It SHOULD have been maybe 30 minutes of work. Instead it stubbornly refused to work regardless of approach used -- while test programs all performed as expected! I tried several dozen things with bitblt before trying more elaborate things with SetDIBits and even more insane things with SetPixel (yes, calling GetPixel/SetPixel on every pixel of a 640x300 px bitmap). The last of those worked, but at a speed that even Vista surpasses. I do have a backup plan that lacks a reason not to work, but it's an extreme kludge and uses 19 MB instead of the 1 MB the program would use otherwise.

Tomorrow is the biweekly shopping -- the weekend before Christmas. I'll need a football helmet for this round considering how the place is grocery cart dodge ball the rest of the year.

Some of today's political news is worth noting.
For example, this article's headline takes the cake.

Here's an unexpected court case: California vs The United States. Governator isn't going to be held back by Bush.

Nobody trusts electronic voting machines. Also note that there was talk of test-driving a new system in the 2008 presidential election. Not the primaries: the actual presidential election itself. That's so fishy my cat has the tartar sauce ready.

Lastly, an asteroid may collide with Mars soon. Amusingly, out of all of the area on the friggin planet, it's going to land on the Mars Rover. There's a shot in the dark for ya.

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