Funky Furnace Fun
Posted on August 8th, 2007
Lots of interesting things happened today.

Firstly the maintenance guy came back over and looked at the furnace. He concluded that the problem might be that the furnace was simply too small for the job. Later in the day he returned with a larger unit and replaced the furnace. On the way out he was heard to mutter "yep, this one's blown" -- meaning that the furnace we had was blown! The new furnace seems to be doing a heck of a job compared to the old one, so hopefully that problem has been dealt with.

We made several trips out. The first trip was to get a random assortment of things we needed. The second trip was to the farmer's market nearby. We had yet to visit there, so we decided to check it out. Lots of cheese, lots of nuts, and lots of vegetables, but the only junk food I saw was the isle of off-brand chips.

Lunch was homemade hamburgers and fries. It was kind of rushed and interrupted because the maintenance guy appeared during the meal, but it was extremely good.

Dinner for me was another frozen pizza. I looked the box over, but didn't see a URL; I was planning on plugging them, but without a URL I can't single them out. Their name doesn't bring up anything on Google either. I got the sausage and pepperoni variety, which still weighed in with less than 800 mg of sodium for the entire pizza.

I spent some time working with Fur and Faith, so at least some progress is being made on it.

There were several links of interest to point out:
The news article DVDs won't turn babies into Einstein doesn't surprise me much. We've already seen how effective the TV is for babysitting older kids.

LiveJournal's little drama with Boldthrough 07 continued to spiral downwards today. See copperbadge's post here for the latest remarks.

On the sweeter side of things, a Finnish chocolate shop is being regularly robbed by a squirrel with a sweet tooth. It even makes off with the toy from the kinder egg! I wonder if it thinks the toy is the "meat" of this odd "nut"?

And finally here's Charlie Brown and gang singing Hey Ya!. It's a classic.

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