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Posted on December 17th, 2007
Today was spent doing things other than being productive. The main event was the trip to the psychiatrist's, which was entertaining as always. After that, mom and I got lunch at the Italian restaurant. I splurged a little and had a glass of chocolate milk prior to switching to diet coke, which was the beverage for the rest of the meal.

After eating, we did some minor shopping. I picked up some BBQ chicken at the deli and a Mt. Dew; both of which are for tomorrow's lunch. Originally the chicken was for dinner, but mom objected several hours later and I was still full from lunch and didn't bother pressing the idea.

When we got home we watched both the 80s and 90s toon intros I posted yesterday. That took an hour, but it demonstrated some simple points. The styles between the two are very different. The 80s toons are rounder and more comical than the deformed and often sharply drawn 90s toons. Another difference is that the 90s toons violently bounced around like Ricochet Rabbit high on Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. Several of the 90s toons also featured a very dark, grim theme. Mom described the pseudo-funny 90s toons as poorly done imitations of Loony Toons, and I'm inclined to agree. I knew that cartoons became very low quality when Flash started being the main tool, but apparently the seeds were sown a generation earlier.

I spent the evening either reading more of my own blog (I'm almost done with May) or working on a "simple" program that took several hours of frustrating debugging to get working. It was such a simple idea, yet for some mysterious reason it refused to work. I eventually did get it working, but it took at least five times the time and effort it should have taken.

Over all the only progress was an idea I had about how to do one project in a simpler and easier way.

The main link for today is a goofy thing I linked to back in April or so. It's Mega Man's big dance number. Note: in Japan Mega Man is known as Rock Man, hence the odd name used on that page. For the extra curious, here's that clip synced with the original and the anime original. Happy little ditty isn't it?

The other link was linked to earlier this year as well, but I mainly want to bring it up since it came up when mom and I watched those intros. Namely, the Ghostbuster's transformation sequence. The clip is from the Spanish version, but the theme is in English and that's all that matters for this clip.

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