Code and chicken
Posted on December 12th, 2007
The morning began with a trip to the store for yet another card. I picked up yet more $7/pound chicken. Since the store had a limited selection out, I got a pound of mild chicken. It wasn't very hot, but it was quite tangy. Good stuff.

I spent the day working with Windows API in one way or another. Necros Cavern made strides and the new version uses only 0.9 MB of memory compared to the whopping 7.8 MB the toolkit-laced version used. Most of the other coding was tests and tinkering to work out quirks in the API. I see real potential for this to be used for a currently shelved project.

I also uploaded a few things from my backups. The main thing I was after was my nifty ebook on the Windows API. The MSDN library site moves at a very slow pace -- two pages could load in a minute; thus I wanted a glossary I could actually browse worth a damn. My ebook was current when it was published in 2003, so it's not that bad of a resource.

I also uploaded some of my very early attempts at coding. Since that old compiler was very limited, most of the coding was done in raw Windows API. That old code may yield some new ideas.

Tomorrow I want to get Necros Cavern to start displaying stuff and I want to try another test with some bitmap mangling functions.

Links galore today.

First off, here's the generator I used to make the previous upside down post: Flip.

This time waster is just stupid enough to be amusing: virtual bubble wrap. Snap! Crackle! Pop! Fart!

From the World of Warcraft, here's the 12 Days of Winter's Veil.

Scientists have created glow in the dark kittens. While the main point is disease research, they are much less likely to be stepped on during the night. Plus, those weirdos with several hundred cats now have the most eco-friendly lighting in the city.

Lastly, if you ever wanted to know what the inside of my head looks like, click here.

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