Sound of Thunder
Posted on August 7th, 2007
Lots of stormy weather today. Fortunately we don't have to watch the radar like a hawk since storms don't get that bad in this area (unlike when we lived in a tornado alley and every storm was a threat). Of course, if a storm does become tornadic here we're pretty much screwed. No basement here! But there is two feet of concrete between the apartments, so the hall should be safe (ish).

Today's main task was cleaning up the current alpha version of Fur and Faith. Once this was done I effectively didn't do anything more.

A large portion of the day was spent reading several forums. In one there was a rather frank discussion of some church policies and despite being rather long it was an interesting read. Another thread of interest was on UserFriendly. That thread was about roller skates in stores.

Another facet of the day was a lengthy talk about my recent eating habits with emphasis on the sheer amount of junk food I've been gorging myself on. It's kinda scary when you think about it.

There was also much ado about the furnace again. The only new information we've managed to get is that the furnace place is in a dispute with the building's management over money. Whoopee.

In other news the elevator doors were recently repainted or replaced, as they now bare the building's logo on them. Someone used a key or other item capable of scratching metal and engraved "is a waste of money" under the logo in the big elevator.

Personally I'd have written "Elbereth", but then again monsters are not exactly common here.

Tomorrow we're going to pick up more food at the store. This is needed because I've already eaten most of what we bought in the big shopping last weekend.

Lastly I managed to sleep all night last night; a feat that is unique in this household thanks to Little One's late night karaoke parties.

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