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Posted on December 9th, 2007
I spent a large part of the day reading online forums. Not all time was wasted however: I did do a lot with the GUI version of Necros Cavern. It actually does things now. For example it can display the game's grid, flip from 5x11 images to 10x24 images and back again, and the player an monsters move about like they are supposed to. The biggest catch is that collisions with the player are ignored, so no matter where you move, nothing will happen. Tomorrow's main goal is to get the status bar working and get both win and lose working.

On LJ there's a big old bit of drama going on about Fursuiters. The crux of it seems to be that some people aren't being "professional" when wearing their suits (specifically, removing the costume's head while in public). People are really up in arms over this, and frankly they shouldn't be. One possible cause of the problem is that the media consistently claims that you need to dress up in costume to be Furry. Only 15% of Furries own a fursuit, so this falls flat in reality. People new to the fandom seem to think that the costumes are required to be a Furry or are a status symbol of some kind. In reality, they are pretty freakin' HOT and uncomfortable. Thus when they see they aren't required they take off the parts they can (usually the head) to try and get comfortable. I'm thinking that they would take the entire suit off if they could -- but I'm going to guess that these newbies are in their birthday suit under the costume and thus "stuck" in a funky fur coat for the duration.

In a way it's better than the people that show up solely for easy and cheap sex (the other thing the media claims Furries spend their time doing), but it's just as ill-informed.

All that negativity aside, here's a very Merry Christmas to everyone!

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