Shopping day
Posted on December 8th, 2007
What a freakin' day.

Very shortly after I got up mom and I went shopping. The store was, as seems to the norm for Saturday, quite crowded. Getting through the store was tricky, and mom seemed to be rather out of it for about half of the store. She either continued looking for stuff that was in front of her (the old "you find things in the last place you look because you've found it -- why keep looking?" theory, except that she continued to look for it) or she'd suddenly remember something we needed from a part of the store we'd past several isles ago. This rather random bouncing all over the store means we walked it over at least twice. Annoyingly, the deli never set out the $7/pound chicken, so I got a pizza sandwich thing from the freezer isle.

The next stop was to be Walgreens. In actuality it was the local Italian restaurant. While our order was being fixed, I began shaking rather violently; apparently I needed to eat ASAP. The shaking stopped after I'd eaten a whole deluxe lasagna. Mom mentioned that she hadn't eaten anything yet in the day, which may explain the confused and scattered method of shopping earlier.

After eating, we checked both the CVS and the Walgreens for something for a gift exchange at my dad's work. We didn't find anything. This wasn't for lack of trying; at one of the stores we'd picked up several items and after she spent about fifteen minutes trying to find a bag that matched the present she had us put everything we'd found back and we left the store without buying anything.

At one of the stores she drove about 3/4 of the way past the drive way and then lurched the car in a very tight 90° turn into the drive way.

After we left the drug stores we went to Blockbuster on the small chance they had something we needed. At this place mom once again drove most of the way past the store and then suddenly veered into the driveway. This time around it was violent enough of a turn that I half expected the car to roll over.

Once inside the store we asked the clerk the question that must have made his day: "Do you have VHS head cleaners?" It pretty much threw him for a loop, and the guy in the back responded "Did someone say 'VHS'?!" like it was a government conspiracy that nobody knew about. Naturally, they didn't have such a thing.

After that amusing stop we headed home. As soon as the groceries were put away, mom went to bed for the evening. It took us 5 hours to run the errands -- more than twice the usual amount of time.

I have no idea what the hell was all that about at the stores. Mom doesn't normally act that confused and senile. I was wondering if we'd be safer if I drove -- I'm not insured, nor do I have a license, any experience behind the wheel and I have a reaction time you could measure with an egg timer. She really acted bizarre today.

In other news I did the test I mentioned yesterday and it works! I had a feeling it would, but I needed to actually make it happen.

Four links where uncovered in the last 3 hours:
Crash course of understanding geeks. Notably, J.D. Frazer, the guy behind UserFriendly, was consulted for this article; he was a bit miffed that somethings didn't make it in.

On the other side of the coin is this article explaining how to woo a geek. The first thing I'd mention is that Babylon 5 isn't Star Trek. The author tried hard, but not quite hard enough.

According to this article solar power is now cheaper than coal power.

Lastly, here's an otter who left the enclosure to mingle with the people.

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