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Posted on December 3rd, 2007
Just when I thought I'd never use the buffet icon again my dad suggested going out to find the sister business of the Asian buffet we frequented down in the boonies. We had been told what the name was, so we looked for that and didn't find it. We looked up buffets on Google, and called the four it found to see if they were still there and when they open. The first was "Hello. Please leave a message after the beep.", the second was a hardware store, the third was busy, and the fourth never picked up. We then tried the phone book with similar results, but then one of the places answered and was open. So that's where we had lunch.

Judging solely on the name I assumed it was a home cooking buffet like Old Country, Ryan's or Home Town Buffet. Wrong: when I saw the two detailed dragons on the door, I knew it was an Asian buffet.

It had a lot to offer, including a number of things I've never had before. I tried a bunch of stuff. The cheesy garlic bread was cheese-flavored cardboard, the teriyaki chicken was too heavy on the soy sauce and the Japanese Chicken was disgustingly bitter. The chicken meatloaf was succulent, the fried rice great, the dumplings were perfect and the pizza was also delicious. I've yet to try the Sweet n Sour chicken, so I know what I'll get next time.

During the evening mom was talking to a friend on the phone and discovered that the buffet we'd gone to was the sister buffet of the buffet in the boonies. It turns out that it had changed owners at some point and the name was changed by the new owner.

It also turned out to be cheaper than the buffet in the boonies.

The rest of my day was spent poking around online (mostly the new host's control panel) and working on the design of a revived project.

Five fun links for today:
Iran doesn't have WMDs. At least we looked prior to leaping. That doesn't mean I expect this news to mean anything to the Decider, but it's at least following the motions.

Want to see something screwy? Here's a site offering wigs for your cat. That's right: fake hair for the feline. WTF?

You've seen DailyKitten and DailyPuppy. Here's Daily Coyote.

The Freakin' Brothers put on a performance you'll never forget.

A mummified dinosaur was found. Reminds me of At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft. It is a "great old one", but thankfully not the kind Lovecraft was going on about.

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