What a day
Posted on December 2nd, 2007
Today was one heck of a ride.

It began too early for me. I had to get up early so that I could move some furniture out of the way. After that I went to get the Sunday paper.

That didn't exactly work out well. You see, I've never had good luck getting in the front door via my key. Normally it wouldn't unlock and I'd have to buzz our apartment to have someone come down and let me in. Today it unlocked the door. It just wouldn't release from the lock. I tried to get it loose for a while, but I only succeeded in ripping the key chain off of the key. While I was fussing with the key, a neighbor came by to get a paper. He tried, but couldn't dislodge the key. While he was trying, a maintenance person got off the elevator. Someone had called him to say that a key was stuck in the main door. So, he tried to get it loose and also failed. He then left and returned with some WD-40 and tried that. Also no go. By now mom had come downstairs wondering what the heck was taking so long.

In the end mom, myself and the maintenance guy gave up, propped the door open and went to the apartment. As it happened, the maintenance guy was the guy that was going to inspect the furnace -- he'd been on the way when he got the call about the key.

The furnace has a bad igniter. He'll have to order the part, and can't do that until tomorrow morning. This also means my room will remain disheveled for now. Unfortunately this also means that tomorrow's planned trip to find a nearby buffet is canceled -- we need to be home in case there's a part for the furnace.

The next bit of news was the failure of my host, as the previous entry mentioned. This was not a fun surprise. Another surprise was the hefty setup fee the new host asks for ($50). In order to cover that dent in the budget I'll have to pass up on at least three trips to area restaurants. Lovely.

The new host doesn't have a web-based file manager, meaning I need to use FTP to upload everything. Making things extra tricky is that the database server lives on its own spot; as a result I had to wait for DNS to filter through before I could install my blog. While these were the main kinks in the system, they are minor. Overall, I'm liking what I'm seeing on this new host. The old axiom, "you get what you pay for" seems to be true in the case of hosting.

I pretty much spent the day restoring this site. In a way this episode was very ironic. I moved the blog to my domain to prevent LiveJournal from randomly deleting it (via Strikethrough/Boldthrough). In the end it was randomly deleted on my domain and I used the LiveJournal copy of the RSS feed to restore the dozen or so posts that weren't backed up.

Speaking of LiveJournal, it's been sold to a Russian company. Those mass bannings were just to make the bottom line sweeter, not to make LiveJournal the blogging site that they wanted.

Ultimately, I'm glad I bailed. I may stop reading stuff on LiveJournal; the recent addition of adult content filters has a large number of users flagging four year old sister safe stuff as "adult content". Since I'm not about to give LiveJournal my complete birthday I've got a bunch of pointless clicking to do.

I only found one link worth sharing today, and it's a gas.

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