Darkness comes
Posted on November 29th, 2007
I spent part of the day drawing the new graphics required for the GUI version of Necros Cavern. I say "graphics" somewhat loosely. In order to fit the same amount of information in a window that you get on the text mode's screen the window would either have to be huge (beyond 1000 x 600 pixels) or the sprites would have to be small. In the end I decided to go with 5x12 sprites. Using various colors on such a tiny image makes an indistinct mess, so I designed the game's graphics as if they were Atari 2600 graphics -- one color for each sprite. This also allowed a surprising amount of detail in such a tiny spot. I'm also going to include a "large sprite" mode, which has 10x24 sprites. These larger sprites are just detailed versions of the small sprites; they are also still one color apiece.

A bigger portion of the day was spent solving a problem. It may be because my lamp now has three 40 watt bulbs instead of two 40s and a 60 watt bulb, but the lighting in here is a bit too dim for using the computer (or the DS). During the day there's a lot of light coming from the window behind me, but after dark it's like working by candlelight (only a slight exaggeration: you can't see to read two feet from this chair). The screen glares something awful. My solution was to take a cue from Blackle and turn everything dark. To do this I tweaked the style of BlackBox, installed a new FireFox theme (NASA Night Launch) and set FireFox to override the colors on webpages. Now the text is white and the backgrounds are black on ALL sites. Thus, there's much less glare. And apparently much less power usage.

Lots of YouTube videos for today as well as two more interesting links.

The first link is a new article about how the net is used during the night. This report seems to gloss things over a bit; it claims that porn uses only a tiny fraction of the nightly bandwidth, yet movies use a huge amount of bandwidth. Category overlap: what do you think those movies are of? Also, large file size means more bandwidth used. Images are tiny compared to say a Linux Distro's ISO files.

I ran across yet another comic. It's called Apple Geeks and hails from the wacky Mac user side of the technical world. It also deals with real life issues like roommate troubles, money, jury duty and talking squirrels that steal your nuts while giving you advice.

The YouTube videos for today are:
Scanner plays Para Elisa de Beethoven
Old Chrysler Training Video with an impressive vocabulary
Tire troubles
House of 1000 Muppets horror movie trailer
And lastly Count Count is sewaring up a storm again.

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