What a flustered duck
Posted on December 29th, 2010
Today began with a trip to the grocery store. Yep, we forgot a few things yesterday. This time around we visited the grocery store that has good chicken tenders, so I got a pound of those for lunch.

I spent about an hour working on the next comic. I had a little trouble with a pose, but overall it's moving along.

I stopped working on it though because of another problem. Last night it suddenly dawned on me that my new system might be a large chunk of the problem my server has been having. I never benchmarked it, so this afternoon I did and got alarming results. Normal HTML is served up at 550 pages per second on this machine. However, pages using this new backend can be served up at a top speed of 23 pages per second. That's horrifically slow and definitely means that they use too many resources per request.

I spent most of the day writing a new backend. This new design will drastically improve the site's performance, but at a slight cost. That cost being bookmarks. Some pages will be moving around. If you link to the plain URLs (eg, backgroundservice.net) everything will still work. If you've bookmarked something like entries.php?id=1138 , then it'll break.

I'm mostly done with the redo. There's still a few more pages to go before I can upload the fixed sites.

In other news, it turns out that there's another game download service like Steam out there called Gamer's Gate. I was alerted to their presence by some friendly people at the Steam forum. They have a $20 game I want for just $2.50 at the moment. Even better is that their service is compatible with Steam, meaning that although I bought it through them it's managed via my Steam account. Sweet deal. I'll stick around and see what else is available one of these days when I have more money left.

Today's link of the day is also on the subject of games. It turns out that chimps play with sticks like human children play with dolls.

Oh my, wasn't that nice! I checked my Gamer's Gate account out of curiosity (just to poke around and see what's where) and discovered that they give new customers a free racing game!

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