Spicy repast
Posted on November 24th, 2007
Today began, as expected, with a trip to the store. We only needed a couple of things (and plan to do the 'big shopping' on Monday) so it was a fairly quick trip.

Seeing that the deli didn't have either the BBQ tenders or the plain tenders I settled for the next best thing: Buffalo tenders. Now the Buffalo chicken that I got from the freezer isle a few weeks ago could set a person's mouth and sinuses ablaze at 50 paces. Prior to encountering that frozen fire I'd had the deli's idea of Buffalo chicken and it was not so blisteringly spicy. So today's purchase was a gamble to see which variant was the fluke. The Buffalo tenders I got today were spicy, but only so hot just like the previous deli Buffalo chicken. Thus the stuff in the freezer isle is the fluke; the deli's Buffalo tenders are safe for human consumption.

I spent the evening working out various programming issues, such as using threads for file i/o and executing an external program while reading in its output.

During the evening one of the three bulbs in my lamp blew. I just ignored it at first, but once it started to get dark my room became too dim to tolerate. So I went and picked up one of the boxes of spare bulbs and headed back to my room. I checked the bulbs in the lamp and the bulbs in the box and discovered I needed the other box. Thus I went and got the other box, putting the first box back and exchanged the dead bulb for a live one. I then looked at the dead bulb and noticed it was a different wattage from the others. So I walked back and got the first box of bulbs (putting the second box back) and exchanged the new live bulb with a bulb of the same wattage as the dead bulb. And then I noticed the small print on the lamp that says what wattage bulbs should be used, so I got the other box out again and exchanged bulbs in the lamp yet again.

That little escapade wasn't remotely organized, so hopefully the above paragraph is readable.

The only other news of the day was that I ran across someone whining about the War on Christmas (first one this year). He'd also tied in the immigration issue by proudly proclaiming that if'n you're not with the 85% majority of the USA to get the flunk out. Yep, loving thy neighbor in practice.

Lastly, here's a funny and short YouTube video about Birds. (Note: That's 'birds', not The Birds)

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