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Posted on December 23rd, 2010
My plan for today was to work on the new Christian site. This smacked into a roadblock in the afternoon, and working to resolve that just gave me a headache. Long story short, I need to re-think how the site is structured to resolve this problem and prevent it from recurring.

So while I did that, I booted up DFO and went to town. With the help of a friendly merc, my gunner has become a Spitfire. This is one of the things that makes DFO so much better than Guild Wars; the community just rocks. That merc (short for "mercenary" if'n you didn't already know that) wasn't an AI. That was another player who was trading some of his time to help people complete quests in return for a small fee of the game's currency. He didn't ask for much either; just 7,000 gold. That's less than you make on a typical dungeon run!

While I was playing this evening it started to snow in the game's world. This is a special Christmas event that has been going on; it's seemingly random. Either way, when it snows you get twice the experience for defeating monsters and clearing dungeons. I took advantage of this and finally got my Monk to level 45. It's taken most of December to go from 44 to 45! The main benefit is that I can now use the next tier of weapons and armor, granting a sudden large boost in his ability to smack undead around with a totem pole.

There's some interesting news on the Steam front. The secret Santa exchange has run into a few problems. I'm waiting on a few answers before continuing for example. The other news is that somebody started a gift-giving thread in the forum. You see, some of the games on sale give the buyer what are called "guest passes". These are ~15 day free trials of the game that the buyer can give to friends. This allows the people with the passes the ability to play the game for free for two weeks, after which they'll be prompted to buy the title. Since I've been taking advantage of the sales I had a few guest passes and I gave them out this morning via that thread.

The link for the day isn't exactly what you'd be expecting for a Christmas song. It's a favorite of mine, and it's from Japan. Christmas Eve by Tatsuro Yamashita

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