Shopping day
Posted on December 21st, 2010
This morning was spent busily shopping. Today was the 'big shopping', ie the main grocery shopping as opposed to the small shopping trips we sometimes take. The store was very crowded and people were generally confused about where they were going. We figured out why soon enough. The store decided to reorder the isles again. We ended up not finding everything as a result.

I did however get a yummy lunch of chicken tenders from the deli.

The other major shopping for today happened later. The Steam Christmas sale has begun! I snapped up a LOT of titles this evening. I had to wait until late in the day because the store's server was chocking under the sheer volume of shoppers. Much of what I wanted was on sale at steep discounts.

The real trick to this is that I'm doing this with next year's allowance. You see, I was planning on buying this stuff next year anyway, but this way I get it at a much lower price. My parents are graciously allowing me to get away with advancing it, but man am I going to be broke in 2011.

God help me if I win the contest's Grand Prize. There won't be 100 games left to win!

Anyway, while at the store today I noticed that the grocery store is now carrying Nexon cards. I asked mom for one, and she said she'd pay for it, so now I have 25,000 NX on my account. I'm using this to sell off some avs I picked up in November. I've also started a new character -- a female gunner -- to take advantage of some of the new farming tricks I learned last week. I'm not sure if she'll be a Launcher or a Spitfire, but she'll help me farm for goodies nonetheless.

Despite all of the above, I was productive today. I wrapped up the final piece of the new control panel that I remembered when writing yesterday's entry.

Tomorrow's goal is to get Friday's comic done and start preparing content for the new Christian site.

The link for today isn't a carol; it's the story of the nativity as it would have been had the blessed event happened today. It's complete with little jokes about how the world works these days.

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