Pleasant news
Posted on December 11th, 2010
I finally managed to crash around 6:00 AM last night. To be up in time to take Pov to the vet I had to get up around 11:30 AM, so I've spent the day running on limited energy.

The good news is that the vet looked Pov over and it looks like our kitty will be with us for a while longer. He was given an antibiotic and we planned to have his get a comb out on Monday. Much better than the expected result.

After dropping Pov off and cleaning up the create, we headed back out to the local Rite Aid for various things to stuff in gifts to the lushes in Michigan. Naturally I picked up a few snacks, but I was particularly keen to get more high fiber snack bars. Those things are the shit. Literally.

I spent a chunk of the day fulfilling the next set of objectives for the Steam contest. 3/4 for this round. I've never played Magic: The Gathering before, so I was kinda slow getting the hang of the complex mechanics. For example, understanding when I could/couldn't block an attack was rather difficult to learn. The AI has some flying units and you only have ground units. Ground units can't block flying units, and this isn't explained in the tutorial. Neither is how Trample or other special features of the cards work. Once I got the hang of it, I pelted the AI for a whooping 78 damage -- well more than I needed to get today's objective.

The rest of my day was spent working on the overhaul of the website. I've almost fixed the code for the main site. I got stalled part way thanks to a problem with the WAMP setup -- apparently my testing settings yesterday introduced an unexpected behavior from Apache. Once I worked out what was wrong I was able to fix it and continue on.

Tomorrow I need to whip out the crayons and do some work for the comics.

Lastly, the link of the day is a video that wishes you a very Meowy Christmas.

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