Night's not going well
Posted on December 10th, 2010
I was going to post an entry summing up my day earlier, but I had a major headache and decided it was best to just shutdown for the day. Now it's 4:15 AM and I'm still awake, but the headache's gone, so here's the scoop.

Yesterday morning we did a fast grocery shopping. We're concerned about Pov, and so we didn't want to be gone long. My lunch was some chicken tenders from the store's deli. They were delicious, but if I have a choice next time I'll remember that the ones from the usual grocery store are better.

My day was spent working on both the site overhaul and the gallery system. I discovered that my WAMP setup can access the external drives at roughly the same speed as the internal drive. This means making the gallery via Lazarus is doing everything the hard way. I'll do it on the WAMP later -- and probably within an evening when I get to coding it.

I ran into problem after problem with the site overhaul. In the end I stopped and took a good look over the mess. I think it would be best to break up the design so that no two sites use the same files -- just to keep things coherent. It won't take that long to break the files up and tweak them again.

There's two bits of bad news though. One is that my hands have managed to reach the point where they crack and bleed. Right now every time I wash my hands it starts bleeding again. It's not a river of blood or anything, but it's enough to make a mess. So far I've smeared three towels: two before I caught that it was leaking and the third one I'm just going to keep to myself for a bit. Nobody wants to share a bloody towel. I'd get a band-aid, but that requires getting into the hall closet and THAT is guaranteed to wake people up.

The other bad news is a lot more dire. We think Pov's cancer has resurfaced. There's a bump on his mouth again, his eyes are dim and he sighs like he's in pain. We see the vet tomorrow afternoon, and it's unfortunately likely that the best thing to do will be the saddest. This is probably what's keeping me up tonight...

Lastly, the link of the day is a little video that explains why Santa never wrote you back.

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