Enough updates
Posted on December 7th, 2010
My main goal for today was to complete a comic. That was done by 2:00 PM, so I quickly moved on to working on the website overhaul. Things went smoothly until right before dinner when I ran into an odd problem with the browsers. During the evening I figured out a work around and continued making progress.

Mom joined Facebook yesterday, and it's beginning to require a crowbar to get her away from it for a moment. In the meantime she kept coming over and giving me updates on everyone she knows. It finally reached the breaking point this afternoon when I was interrupted for yet another status update while I was trying to read some news articles, and I politely told her to put a sock in it.

And I'll never live that one down. You see, I tend to be a motormouth, and this time around I'm the one whose ear is being talked off.

In other news, I discovered this evening that Steam is running another contest. I've got two chances in the hat for the prize on the 7th now. In order to do that I had to pick up a certain game, but it was one I was already considering and on sale for $1, so no real harm to the budget there. It turned out to be quite fun for that buck.

In still other news, when I went to bring the trash can in I discovered a valentine in my glove. Bit of back story here: years ago, while we still lived in hillbilly heck, dad hid valentines all over the house for mom and me to find. We thought we'd found them all, but apparently two moves later there's still a few out there.

Tomorrow's goal is more progress on the website overhaul.

Lastly, a Flash Mob is a sudden gathering of a large number of people who do something spontaneous and then leave to go about their business. Here's an example that shows some real Christmas Spirit.

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