Further work, further play
Posted on November 29th, 2010
The goal for today was to get the blog working using the new back-end. Obviously this was only on the development server; everything on the site itself is untouched. The main goal of the new system is to make all of my sites more secure and in some cases more functional. By the end of the day the blog's main page and the view entry page are both working with the new setup.

Tomorrow I'll be seeing about getting the rest of the www site moved over to the new system. After that is done, Dev.uguardian.us will move over, then Background Service and finally the Christian site will be created.

During the day I tried the games I picked up yesterday. Most are for multiplayer like TF2; ie, you make a room and hope someone will join it. These aren't my taste, so they got uninstalled. The rest are effectively demos of bigger games that stand on their own. One of these examples however is quite the game.

It's called TrackMania Nations Forever. It's a fast racing game with dozens of tracks, multiplayer and single player support and lots of fun gameplay. I spent a good amount of time with that. This game is mostly a demo for TrackMania United, but it's standalone. TrackMania United is $40, and it's obvious why. The game is probably worth $40 since it has MUCH more to offer. I've always loved racing games, and I was looking for a game like this last summer when I picked up a number of titles. Most of those either don't run or have real issues, so I'm excited to find a game that both works and has no issues!

An amusing twist to the game is that your car will continue zooming straight ahead at full speed once you cross the finish line. This frequently results in hilariously stupid wrecks such as slamming head on into a pillar, flying off into the ether or driving right into a lake. The splashes are also well-rendered. Sadly, the cars do not fly into millions of fragments upon impact -- this would be my only suggestion for improving the game.

I also played further into Serious Sam : The Second Encounter. Love that sniper rifle.

During the late evening I decided to check something on Steam's homepage and noticed that one of the more expensive games on my wishlist was 60% off today. So I snagged it for $10. Sweet deal.

That sums up today's good news. The bad news is that Little One is acting like he doesn't feel good. We'll be contacting the vet in the morning. Hopefully it's just constipation, but he looks miserable.

In other news, there's a rumor circulating that the domain siezure I was bitching about earlier was a fake report: all articles about the take down reference the same, non-mainstream source. Nobody like CNN, MSN, Fox or any popular or well-known news source mentioned this story. Only bloggers and the one torrent news site. It's an interesting thought, but I dunno.

The link for today is a short and silly animation about a caveman.

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