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Posted on November 26th, 2010
The plan for today was to do a little of everything. I managed to do everything I wanted to do and then some.

During the morning I coded up a simple GP2X slideshow program and a program that preps images for it. It was mostly a tech demo for some ideas I've had. The GP2X series has a touch screen, and is normally held like a DS. This isn't particularly comfortable for long periods; one of the DS games I have has brought this to my attention. Both the F200 and the Wiz can be held like an iPhone/Android/smartphone-of-the-moment, so I wanted to look at making software that uses that 90° tilted angle. The slide show program doesn't do much; it just shows a 240x320 image and advances to the next image when you press R (which is conveniently under the thumb!).

The afternoon was spent restarting the backup project. I'd previously uploaded all of the backups and then used software of my own design to delete all duplicate content. This is fine and dandy, but I soon found it impossible to work out what was from what and when. So I re-uploaded the backups.

The evening was spent working on three different things. First off I made a correction on the comic for tomorrow. I also uploaded the fixed comic and Monday's comic, wrote out several scripts and started on another comic. The second thing I did was worked at getting Dark Forces to run. This was largely a matter of tweaking it, as the Steam version is already pretty well setup. The key mapping was horrid though. The last thing I did was start work on the new admin system for my sites. Once that goes into place, the new Christian site can begin to develop and Background Service will get an upgraded site.

On another note, the funniest thing happened after dinner. Pov was getting upset as nobody was staying in the mom's room with him. Mom was still cooking and cleaning the kitchen and I was attempting to work on the comic in my room. In the end I ended up in mom's room, curled up with Pov on the bed. He gets upset and scared when alone after dark (even though the lights are on). After about 20 minutes Little One threw a fit, wailing in the hall. He wanted me back at the computer -- he was jealous that I was paying attention to Pov!

While today was Thanksgiving, for us it was just another day. As usual our schedules result in us celebrating the holiday on another day. In this case tomorrow evening looks likely, though we might not get to Thanksgiving dinner until later.

Today's link of the day is a series of elevator pranks that have to be seen to be believed.

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