What goes up must come down
Posted on November 21st, 2010
Most of the day was spent re-working plans for FnF. I noticed it was getting messy, so I started going back over the plan for it. After a lot of deliberation, I think it would be best to close the site down and start a new one. This new site would only cover Christianity. Aside from neatening up the site itself and making the entire thing go together, this would also remove the more loaded element of the site. While I think getting the word out about what Furry really is helps the fandom, I think including it on the site is more likely to either reduce the site's credibility or distract from the Christian side. In a way, it's like making a site for Christian and [loaded topic]. The Furry Fandom isn't nearly as loaded as say flat earth, abortion or homosexuality, but the over all effect is the same: people looking for Christian information are going to see [loaded topic] and go elsewhere.

On another topic I periodically played DFO during the day and had a much more reasonable time of it. I thought about what I'd changed recently (new weapon, new armor) and wondered if that was why I suddenly couldn't get anywhere. I switched back to the old weapon and upgraded the armor, and the difficulty scaled back down. This is pretty odd considering the older weapon is less powerful and of the same type as the new weapon.

During the evening I finished Trine, crossing out another game from the list of games I picked up this year.

I also took some time to play Guild Wars. I messed around a bit to feel some things out, then created a new character. This new character is a Paragon, a type of "support warrior". Their role in the party is to lead the group, so perhaps I'll be able to learn to play with this new character and fix some of the problems I've had in the past. Overall though it's underwhelming at the moment. It's possible that a lot of the awesome this game had was simply that I had nothing to compare it to. Now that I've been playing DFO and have tried several MMORPGs it's not doing so hot anymore.

Lastly, the link of the day is a live news broadcast that failed spectacularly.


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