Slowing down
Posted on November 18th, 2010
Yesterday we ran errands again. This time around I decided to try the hot plates at the other grocery store instead of heading off to Subway or where ever. I'd been avoiding it because the hot plates at our usual grocery store are expensive as heck; somewhere on the order of $10 for a tiny piece of meatloaf and a green bean. Turns out this store is much better priced; for $5.49 you get three pieces of fried chicken and a large helping of jos. So I got that and had it for lunch.

And it was juice-dripping-off-the-chin good. Unfortunately I ended up getting sick from the fat and grease content. It was worth it though.

Around 6:30 PM yesterday evening it suddenly hurt to look at the computer screen or anywhere remotely lit. This was due to eyestrain from working on yet another comic and it's also likely that spending an hour on the DSi made it worse. So I gathered up and went to bed around 8:00 PM, after getting a bowl of fat free soup.

I woke up around half-past midnight. I haven't been able to get back to sleep since. I'm either not comfortable, or sick, or I'm very overheated. This isn't going to make for a productive day tomorrow.

Meanwhile I've had LOTS of time to think about how things have been going. It feels like I'm always straining for time to work on things. Looking back, the comic alone has taken up about four hours a day every day this past month. That's not leaving much time for other projects; doubly so when you note how my day is broken up. By the time I have more than 30 minutes to spend on something, it's already 6:30 PM and I'm wearing down. My mornings have been spent running errands, and the afternoon and early evening have been taken up drawing.

So after some debate on the subject, I'm going to pull the comic back to Monday-Friday only for a while, starting next week. I don't think the story will be impacted at all by this. In all honesty, the comic does not have the highest audience of my projects and it's also not likely to be as self-sustaining.

Lastly, the link of the day is a video of Uncle Martin's famous sword trick.

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