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Posted on November 14th, 2010
On Wednesday we took Pov to the vet first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, the vet does not think the problem is advancing kidney disease. Given the symptoms, the most likely cause is actually a brain tumor. So now we are pretty much waiting for the point of no return. He hasn't had another seizure since Tuesday. Little One is quite aware that something is very wrong with Pov now, and frequently checks on him.

I've pretty much recovered from the sinus trouble. It turned out that the periods of stupid were caused by whatever was going on in there and not by the medication I'm on. However, we'd continued on the lower dose that the psychiatrist had suggested. This turned out to be a bad idea; yesterday featured two meltdowns, the latter of which was of a magnitude that resulted in contacting the shrink on call and questioning if I should spend the night in the hospital. Consequently, the dosage was restored to the previous level.

During the past few days I've worked on the comics, with some trouble. I wanted to redo the comic's kitchen scene to be more realistic. This resulted in a lot of effort that eventually went nowhere. I ended up drawing the last comic entirely from scratch today.

The other news from the past few days is that I've become more familiar with the text to speech programs and in DFO I've created two more characters -- both Slayers. I've already grown one into the Berserker subclass, while the second is already at level 15. I actually grew the latter from level 3 to 15 today alone; a record time for me. Tomorrow he'll become an Asura.

This morning we ran a small errand and got lunch at Subway. As I mentioned already, I spent the afternoon and part of the evening drawing the comic that is for next Friday. After that it's been DFO.

Recently I used a music suggestion service to find new music I might be interested in, and after checking with Youtube for videos of the artist's songs I purchased a number of cheap CDs from Amazon. Per usual these days, they are all from the UK. Three albums arrived today.

The link for the day is one of the songs that sold me on the artist: Africa by E-Type. And y'all thought O-Zone had a good beat. :)

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