Lots of shopping, another scare
Posted on November 9th, 2010
The main event of the day was the big shopping. I dunno why we still think of it as the big shopping, considering how often we end up going out and buying more food, but I digress. We did the shopping at the grocery store, then got lunch at Subway and came home. After lunch we went back out to Target for a few more things. Overall, it was about 3:00 PM by the time we were done running.

Last night I contacted a blind friend about the screen reader stuff, giving him a link to a little demo program of mine to see if it would work with JAWS as well as it did with Orca. Sadly, it doesn't work at all with JAWS. I downloaded another Windows screen reader called Thunder and it can't read the program's text either. Apparently screen readers under Windows can't read the console.

Thus I started work on the most logical workaround. Namely, generate the spoken text up front and just play the sound effects. Turns out that the speech software that runs Orca is also available for Windows, so I spent a good deal of time working with that. I should be able to get it to generate fairly decent sound files with some further practice.

The evening was spent with DFO, mainly working on gathering the VP I'll need to Awaken by playing through the Tower of Death over and over.

While I was playing, Pov came into my room and got me. He never goes into my room unless mom's in there too, so this had me concerned. According to websites on the topic, cats often seek out and get their owners when they are getting ready to seizure again -- this is part of a set of symptoms called the "aura". Sure enough, Pov had another grand mal seizure a short time later.

Tomorrow morning, the vet will be getting a call about this. We didn't call about the previous ones because we thought it was a fluke rather than a recurring issue. Also, the vet has interesting hours, so it's not like we could call at anytime anyway.

Sadly, I think Little One knows that something is very wrong, if not what. He was very scared and nervous this evening, and was cuddling up closer than normal.

The only other news of the day is that my will power is obviously as strong as tissue paper. Nexon is having a deal on NX right now, so as you've probably already guessed I bought a healthy chunk of NX. I used that to buy avatars and enlarge my brawler's chest. I don't have enough left to buy another auction license, but that's alright. I don't have any other characters to buy avs for either. Once this last batch sells, I won't need that license again. The current license lasts until December anyway, so I have plenty of time to buy and sell avs before they become dead weight.

The link for the day is a humorous little animation starring Mario and Yoshi.

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