Errands and errata
Posted on November 19th, 2007
I spent some time this morning earning a few thousand grains of rice and playing FFF:TC more. I've beaten all of the minibosses and bosses over again, earning two gray cards for the effort. They all became more formidable after the game was won, so this wasn't exactly easy. I had a difficult time defeating a few of the bosses.

I've also re-added several pages and added a few new pages to Fur and Faith. In particular the outlines of the New and Old Testament are listed.

The morning was spent running errands. During the errands we stopped at the Italian restaurant for lunch. I had another meatball sub, but the large deluxe lasagna dad got looked rather enticing. I may try it next time.

The rest of the evening was spent puttering about. There are some programs I want to write, so I did some tests. One of these new programs is a Win32 GUI version of Necros Cavern. I noticed that I'll only be able to show part of the game map; using tiny 20x20px tiles the game map is larger than my screen!

Two things I ran across online today deserve note.

The first thing is a YouTube video of Count Count singing about his pastime. The fun part is that the clip is edited to bleep out the word "count" when he's not referring to his own name. This wouldn't be hilarious on its own, but the human mind being what it is automatically fills in the wrong word for the bleep. The Bleeping Song.

The other thing I ran across has to do with something that came up at lunch, namely Kids in the Hall. It turns out that Buddy has a blog of his own, although it hasn't been updated since June.

Lastly, here's the other Chocobo Tales blog thingy. You can play Silly Scribbles with it. In the DS game, this is one of the many minigames you can play to earn powerful popup duel cards. You need to earn 12 points for the Earthen Fist card, and 20 points for the Earthen Fist+ card. Neither of which end up getting used by me, but they're there. Again, if you're just viewing the RSS feed on LiveJournal, you won't see the game.

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