Fighting the fog
Posted on November 7th, 2010
Today was going smoothly until shortly after lunch. Lately I've been splurging a little by having a chocolate drink at lunch. Yesterday I did not have a serving, and so we're wondering if the HFCS in it is causing some of the problems I've been having. Today I had one, and about 30 minutes later plunged into a lovely bout of fog. Complicating things is that I also seem to be dealing with a sinus infection or something of the sort. Since the drink contains a good portion of milk, it was a double whammy as milk promotes snot and that just makes an already clogged head worse.

Most of the day was spent too brain foggy to put a sentence together. I attempted to work on the comic, but despite knowing what I wanted to have happen I couldn't write the script for trying. I later attempted to work on Din, but managed to bungle that up badly enough I have to start over. Yet later I attempted to simply draw some things, but that ended up looking like an elementary student's D- art class homework.

I spent the day playing DFO. My gameplay was very crippled due to the huge drop in reflexes, but I made slow progress.

Around 9:30 PM I went to bed with a hot pack and the heating pad. These were used to try to break up the clogged plumbing betwixt my ears. It turned out to be rather effective: my mind is clearer now than it's been all friggin day. So I'm hurrying to take advantage of the limited time I can think today.

I've written the scripts for the comic already, and now I've caught the blog up to date. In a moment I'll make some quick notes about Din to prevent that project from getting bungled again and the day will mostly be caught up.

In other news, I forgot to mention a few things that happened the other day. The most notable of which is that our friend did in fact pass away: her obit was in the paper.

The link for the day is a LEGO Star Wars video about Jar Jar Binks. It's also one of the rare videos that makes him entertaining to watch.

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