Less stupid, more Monk-eying around
Posted on November 6th, 2010
I spent most of the day playing DFO. This might not seem like much in the way of getting things done, but it helped me think a number of things out and gave me some time to try out a few things in the game. For example I'd noticed that post-patch the Slow Heal skill seemed to have been heavily nerfed. It turns out that I simply hadn't put enough points into the skill to make it useful. This has been corrected, so now I effectively get 11 free Expert HP Potions per dungeon. This saves a fair amount of money and items. It's also good for catching other players off guard as Monks aren't supposed to have this skill.

Also in DFO, I noticed that my Monk has been leveling up about once a day or so. This presents a little problem as he'll be level 48 in a short while. Level 48 is when your character goes through the Awakening quests and becomes super powerful. If you do not Awaken before you level up, you don't get the full benefit of Awakening. So I spent about an hour in the Tower of Death prepping my Monk for the rite. I'm about 1/5 of the way there, so I'll have to keep going every day for a while until he's ready.

I spent some time working towards getting Din's new version off the ground. To this end I installed the IDE I'm going to use and made sure it's working on Windows 7. I also checked a number of references and started to get ideas and plan out how the new Din is going to work under the hood.

For additional points I also did some planning for Background Service's next storyline. While some of the plot points have been sitting around in my notes for a while, much of the story wasn't ready to go yet. Tomorrow I'll be putting the next script together and probably starting on comics again.

On the plus side, I didn't have the stupids today like I had the last few days. While I didn't feel entirely normal, I didn't suddenly start derping either, which is a huge improvement.

On another note, lately Pov has been crawling under mom's dresser for some reason. He can't get out from under it easily and risks toppling the thing doing so. Today we set up a little cubby hole by turning a hassock on its side, covering it in a blanket and placing a smaller blanket inside the "tent". I also placed a few large books under the dresser to block Pov from trying to go under there and encourage him to go under the "tent". Shortly after we were done, he headed right over to the tent and curled up in it. He just wanted a little cubby hole all along.

Lastly, you've probably seen the footage and pictures of the McDonald's Happy Meals that just don't biodegrade. The general assumption was that the burgers were just pretend food of some bizarre nature. However, somebody finally decided to look further at the issue. Turns out, burgers that size just don't rot, regardless of who made them. There's old advice that says not to just assume things -- something about a donkey.

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