Shrink surprise
Posted on November 3rd, 2010
Yesterday was a typical day; work on a comic, play DFO. Late in the day I suddenly became very dizzy and lightheaded. Thinking it was a sugar low, I tried eating, but that made no difference. Thinking it might instead be CO2 issues again, I opened the window and vented the room. No effect. I gave up and went straight to bed rather than risk losing my balance or having additional troubles.

One sad bit of news from yesterday: our friend with cancer may be finally going home; she's been in the hospital unconscious since Monday night. She went to bed and has not woken up since.

Today involved a visit to the psychiatrist. Still somewhat dizzy and lightheaded, we talked to him about it. To our surprise, he got very excited and animated. It turns out that we stumbled onto a pet subject of his. Since I've lost ~15 lbs and am on a diuretic, a known problem with one of my meds has been "unmasked". Long story short, medications of that type have recently been shown to not work or actually cause worsening of symptoms, so he's been moving people off of them. The dizzy and lightheaded symptoms that have arisen lately are right in line with side effects of these drugs, so he's having me lower the dosage to see if this solves the current problem. If so, I may be off the drug completely by this time next year.

After the visit, we stopped at Walmart to get lunch at Subway. When we got inside the store we discovered the in-store Subway was completely packed with nursing home residents and their caretakers were busy ordering for the group. We decided not to wait and left. It turned out there was another Subway nearby, though much harder to get to. It was pretty busy, but the line also moved extremely fast. Thus we were in and out in a very short time.

I spent the rest of the day working on a comic, chatting on a DFO fansite and playing a little DFO. The main thing I was talking about was whether to make my Priest a Crusader or Exorcist, and debating the merits of each. In the end I went with Crusader. In order to become a 'sader, you have to lead a party through one of the nastiest dungeons in the early area of the game. This made me extremely nervous, as I've never played DFO in a party before and people have expectations of how 'saders are supposed to perfom in a party. As it turned out, there was a group forming to run that very dungeon, and they accepted my request to join in. During the run I tried my best to keep everyone buffed and (for the most part) healed. In the end there were no casualties and we cleared the level in about 8 minutes, earning my character the distinguished rank of Crusader.

The link of the day is a game show about parallel parking. Yes, game show. Today's visit to Subway reminded me of this video.

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