Sick day
Posted on November 2nd, 2010
Things seemed to be off to a good start this morning. However, when I started to play DFO before lunch I had an abysmal time of it. Shortly thereafter I ended up getting dizzy and it was like being in a fog, so I assumed that I needed to eat. Since we recently binged and are now back to normal meals, it's likely that my body is simply confused about how to handle the current intake. So we had a slightly early lunch.

And shortly after that I ended up fighting to stay awake, so I took a short nap. In the end I couldn't get to sleep, nor did lying down seem to help at all, so I got back up and fumbled around on the computer.

As I got up from nap I nearly vomited. I was hit with a blast of nausea out of nowhere. I spent the afternoon trying not to hurl, both because it would be rather unpleasant and because the fiery salsa I had with lunch combined with my already potent stomach acid would probably melt whatever had the terrible misfortune of being the receptacle of the act, the wastebasket notably included.

I had some light soup for dinner and things seemed to improve. However, shortly after dinner mom began to enjoy the same symptoms. Additionally, I've started feeling icky again during this last half hour.

We're guessing that we might have picked up something from the doctor's office during that 4 hour visit the other day or from one of the various grocery stores we've been in lately.

During the day I played DFO with various degrees of success. Overall, I've been more alert as the day progressed, resulting in better skill at the game.

Late in the day I looked up information about my host. As mentioned previously, the host was bought by a new company, so I took some time to see what the new company offers and check their TOS. My current package will be grandfathered in, so I don't really have to do anything. However, the new host offers a nice package that is much more attractive than the old one, so I might switch altogether. However, the new host's TOS includes some terms that might prohibit one of the sites we have -- mom's image hosting service. If that is the case, then I'll have to locate somewhere else for her new blog. So far I'm the only person that even uses the thing, so it might just be best to let it go.

Today's link of the day is the last Halloween link for the year. It's an amazing light and music display that's really quite thrilling.

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