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Posted on October 26th, 2010
Another day, another round of errands. Today's errands were a trip to the bank and the other grocery store. The latter trip was mostly for cat food, but naturally we picked up lunch and a few odds and ends.

I spent the day sleepy. During the afternoon I took a nap, but didn't fall asleep. It felt good to just lay still though.

I spent my day working on both comics and Image Puzzle. One comic is done, so I've uploaded it already to give me more time to hammer out the next two. I managed to fix many of the issues Image Puzzle had, and I've cleaned up more of its code to boot.

In DFO I completed a number of quests and have continued to develop my Mage. Her range of spells are proving to be useful, but I'm not sure I want to go Elementalist now. I may opt to go for Witch instead. This is based on the skills I'm getting the most use out of. I dunno. I may make a second Mage and make her the other class.

In other news Dragon Saga has gone to Open Beta, but I'm reading about a ton of issues players are encountering. I'm going to wait for the thing to become stable enough to play before jumping after it. Also, the site is very slow to respond right now -- this might not be a good sign. If the ping is bad, I'm not going to be playing this game.

Tomorrow storms are moving in, so we don't know what to expect quite yet. I doubt I'll be playing DFO though: they are going to shut it down for maintenance tomorrow to fix several major issues.

The link for the day is a music video of one of the songs from one of the albums I picked up recently. The song is catchy and pretty upbeat. Since this is a Japanese song that naturally means it's pretty much anything but. Good Halloween music video though. A little digging revealed the name of the song and a video with English subtitles. It's called Alice of Human Sacrifice and yes, involves a twisted Wonderland.

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