Time out
Posted on October 24th, 2010
Last night I went to bed around 12:30. For various reasons, I ended up having trouble falling asleep and didn't drop off until 5:00. I woke up this morning at 10:00 to mom hovering over me wanting to go buy a new printer.

We took off and bought the printer from Staples with only one little issue. In our newspaper was the ad that spurred the trip. It was just an ad for sales at Staples; nothing major. However, the local store wasn't given any flier or notice that one was shipped out. Everything was on sale as it was supposed to be however.

When we went to Best Buy a few days ago I spotted a game compilation that I've heard many good things about. I noted the price and after checking with people at UF added it to my list of things to get in January. After all, I'm not spending any more money on games this year. In return for me setting up her new printer, mom stopped at best Buy and bought the game for me! It's the Diablo II BattleChest. I've yet to do much more than unpack it.

We stopped at Subway for lunch.

I spent most of the day with little energy. I ended up playing DFO all day. While it's not the most productive way of spending my time, I did make a lot of progress in the game. Since I wasn't able to play the game for most of October I've had time to reflect on how I was playing. Three of my characters aren't much fun to play, so today I unloaded everything they had and deleted them. Their avatars are up on auction. I started a new Mage. My previous Mage was a BattleMage, which I found very awkward and difficult to control. This new Mage will become an Elementalist and just blast the monsters instead of smacking them.

I'm going to turn in, so I'll just leave y'all with this pleasant little Halloween message...

Your soul will burn in Hell forever

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