So the day ends
Posted on October 21st, 2010
Last night was rather annoying. I slept soundly until 4:00 AM, after which I woke up every hour. At 9:30 AM I gave up and got up.

On the plus side that worked out as we needed to run some errands early in the day. The first stop was the vet's to pick up the happy gas plug in.

After that we went through the grocery store, marking down where everything ended up after they rearranged the store.

Once we were done there I suggested getting Subway for lunch. Mom agreed, but suggested we go to the one inside Wal*Mart as it's easier to get in and out of. We looked around Wal*Mart for a moment, then bought lunch and came home.

I spent the afternoon working on the comics. I finished one and got the last of the next batch nearly done. I can wrap it up tomorrow easily enough, so after dinner I went on to other things.

The other things being two of Nexon's other games. I tried Vindictus, which was actually fairly annoying to play. So much for that title. I then spent some time tweaking and working with Maginobi. I tried it about a month ago and since it didn't work I didn't give it much of a look. Today I got it working and played it a bit. It reminds me of Free Realms, though there's actually a playerbase.

All in all, it looks like a fun game. Most of the features require unlocking, so I didn't get far into trying things.

And here's the classic joke of the thing. I was trying these games because DFO isn't playable from my end as the patch borked it. Guess what: Maginobi just got a major patch too, and it's buggered up WORSE than DFO. Way to go there, Nexon! At least Nexon is being very upfront about the problems and is working to resolve them. I may be able to play DFO this week, but Maginobi is up in the air it seems.

Ultimately though, I guess it could be worse; these geniuses could be running the games.

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