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Posted on October 20th, 2010
Yesterday I started to write up an entry but ran into problems keeping it coherent. So rather than post a jumbled mess I just closed everything down and went to bed.

For the most part today and yesterday were very similar. I spent both days working on comics. Yesterday I discovered that I'd made a mistake on the comics for this week and spent a little over an hour correcting and uploading them.

Yesterday evening was the last of the three main movie nights, with the Scorpion King as the movie of the day. Overall, I managed to eat an entire bag of chips between Sunday and Monday.

During the evening today I played Rocket Knight and discovered that it's a Konami title. I don't generally worry about the developers or publishers anymore as many of the ones from the days of yore now publish games made by someone else, but the Konami name has always made me cringe a little. Their games are often top notch, but they almost always have a flaw of some sort that prevents them from being perfect. Rocket Knight's fatal flaw is that the key used for dash and the key used for your spin attack are the SAME KEY. Thus half the time you want to dash you'll spin instead. Naturally, there's a level that is an obstacle course you have to clear quickly and using your spin attack in that level guarantees you'll die. Par for the course for a Konami game.

After several botched attempts I gave up and quit, at which point I discovered that your progress is actually saved. There was never any indication that you could save and come back later. In fact I expected the game to require you to play it through in one sitting (which is USUALLY how Konami games work). So they finally caught up with the SNES era. How grand. Maybe next time they can let the player know about the feature?

The other game-related event of the day was that I signed up a WarpPortal account. WarpPortal.com now hosts Dragon Saga, which was originally known as Dragonica Online. I was playing this when it was hosted by THQ*ICE, but there were real problems with the way it was handled, and the license was transferred. I was going to join the Open Beta, but discovered that the phase 1 testing ended the other day and phase 2 has yet to start. In the meantime it's offline. And here I was thinking I'd play it while DFO was also TKO'd. I haven't been able to reliably run DFO since the day after the Priest Patch, so I'm just waiting while Nexon tries to fix it. It's been taken offline for up to 6 hours twice and many issues persist.

In other news, the webhost I use, Drak.net, has been sold to another hosting company. I'm pessimistic about the whole thing, but overall I'm voting to wait and see what happens or breaks. This could bring troubles or have no apparent effect on anything I'm doing.

Lastly, the link for today is a rather unique version of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

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