Potentially explosive
Posted on October 17th, 2010
Yesterday we took Pov to the vet to have him get some things checked out and see to it that he gets the next round of shots he's do for. Good news there. He doesn't have ear mites, just ear wax build up. While the is indeed a sore spot on his mouth, it's nothing serious and should go away soon enough. The yowling at night though is probably because he's getting sundowners like Little One. One possible treatment for this is a spray that works like a happy-gas version of Glade plug ins.

On the way home Pov threw up in the crate. After getting him and the crate cleaned up mom and I went back out and ran some errands.

The original plan was to go to the healthy junk food store for pumpkin butter, then the pharmacy for a prescription and then Taco Bell for lunch. The healthy junk food store was out of pumpkin butter, but we didn't have a problem finding other things to buy there. I also decided to pick up a focaccia instead of going to Taco Bell. This lead to a funny conversation at the checkout when I turned to mom and remarked that we didn't have to stop at Taco Bell after all, as I'd just picked up lunch. The clerk grinned from ear to ear upon hearing that.

I decided to spend the rest of yesterday just playing games, as it's a rare day that I actually complete a project.

However, in the afternoon I ran across an article about a new patent troll lawsuit. This time the troll claims to own the right to rollover menus on websites -- something millions of pages have. This is akin to claiming to own the right to write with a pencil. It's absurd, but goes to court anyway.

This managed to really piss me off, as it hits the right buttons. For starters, it's sheer abuse of the legal system. Secondly, the costs involved means that if I ever get hit with such a lawsuit I'll be sunk for good as I'm on welfare and don't have $80K for the "license" to use the standards that exist or the money to pay a lawyer to rightfully tell these jerks to feck off.

Already angry, things continued to just irritate me further as the day continued. By dinnertime I was shaking with rage over effectively nothing.

Playing games didn't cool me down, so I stayed at the brink of an explosion most of the evening.

Then when mom went to bed I shut my door like I do every time I stay up after she goes to bed. If I don't, the light from my room lights up her room and keeps her awake.

Shortly after I closed my door, Little One started pawing at it wanting to leave my room. I got up, turned off the light, opened the door and he went through. Then I shut my door, turned on the light and got back to what I was doing. About ten minutes later mom opened my door because Little One had been yowling on the other side wanting in my room (I didn't hear it at all). Shortly after that, Little One wanted out again and so I stopped what I was doing and let him out again.

At this point, I'm already angry at the cat for causing a situation. Pick a side! Then mom opens my door to let the cat in again. This time she's in tears because I've woken her up three times in less than three hours and the cats are not letting her sleep.

Fine! Punish me because I have the gall to live in the same house! So I dropped everything I was doing and went to bed stewing mad. It wasn't even 11:30 PM yet!

About half an hour later, Pov got mom up. I see that having me drop everything and go to bed when I wasn't tired made a huge difference!

I spent the night having vivid nightmares and woke up this morning still in a sour mood.

I've pretty much remained in an angry mood throughout the day, despite attempts to cool off. During the day I wrote the scripts for the comic, but never got around to actually drawing any of them, which is probably a good thing all things considered.

During the evening we stopped and watched The Mummy, which gave me some time to cool off some. But ultimately I'm still atypically irritable this evening.

The link for the day is an article about how harvester ants react when they encounter army ants. They go straight from normal behavior to complete and utter panic in milliseconds.

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