Programming mixed with an optional crowbar
Posted on October 11th, 2010
Today I spent very little time working on the comics and a lot of time working on Image Puzzle. The comics only took about an hour to get two of them done. In fact, it's a little surprising it took that long since most of the action occurs in a dark room.

A lot of work went into getting Image Puzzle further along. The main features added today were support for all three planned game modes, in game music and a little bit of clean up with the code. All that remains now are the menus and the rough coding is done.

Of course, after that it'll need to be reviewed and cleaned up, but the tricky part will be over.

During the afternoon I reinstalled Half Life 2 and its expansions over Steam. I've picked up a lot of games over the course of the year, and most of them have spent the time collecting dust on the shelf. I'm not particularly happy about that; leaving a game unplayed and unbeaten feels like I'm being irresponsible with my allowance, and I hate that. So I'm going to be spending the late portions of the days working towards beating all of the games I picked up.

Of course, in my defense there was a rather good reason for picking up a lot of cheap games: the vast majority of games I have are from yesteryear. If I'm going to make games people will want to play, I need to know what games are like now. One example of the things I discovered was the use of WASD for movement instead of the arrow keys. I'll bet that the majority of people under 20 don't remember a time when WASD wasn't the standard; it's a lot more natural feeling than the old style and is a very important thing to know.

The link of the day is an example of thinking outside the box. This guy isn't good at the instruments he tries, but is very good at video editing. As a result of some crafty editing, he plays some impressive music.

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