More than one way to solve the issue
Posted on October 9th, 2010
This morning began with a trip to the local Staples, Target, Michaels and Subway. Overall, there wasn't much in the way of interesting stuff going on there, though the clerk at Subway seemed amused when I asked for extra jalapenos. Hey, some like it hot, some like it blistering.

After lunch, I proceeded to spend my day working to get Image Puzzle further along. By dinnertime I realized that no matter how much I tried, I would not get it done today. There's simply too much left to do.

Around 6:30 PM, mom and I went to the local pharmacy's clinic, as mom's throat is bothering her enough that she thought it might be strep (which in her case usually becomes bronchitis). The clinic didn't accept her insurance, but she could pay cash. Seriously, this place doesn't accept my parent's insurance or medicare? What the hell DOES it accept?!

While mom was having her exam, I sat in the waiting area listening to the pharmacists talk amongst themselves. It seems one of them is about to take a major exam in the path of becoming a pharmacist tomorrow morning, but has yet to study and was pretty sure plain ol' guesswork would work just fine.

Sigh, it's an old (and scary) truism: You know what you call the guy that places last in his class? Doctor.

Anyway, mom got a prescription. We headed over to another pharmacy to fill it. While there I poked around for a bit and picked up some Yoohoo drink boxes. Basically this stuff tastes like chocolate milk, but has only 1g of fat per 8 oz compared to 16g/ 8oz in the real thing. It's not too bad, but it's not the best either. Of course, it was only $0.99, so that says a lot about the quality anyway.

I spent the remainder of the evening poking at various games I have installed and continuing work on Image Puzzle. Tomorrow I'll be working on comics again, but this next round takes place in mostly darkness, so it's going to be hilariously easy to draw.

Today's link of the day is the mother of all grammar Nazi websites.

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