Some fight, some progress
Posted on October 5th, 2010
Today the maintenance guy came to check up on and do whatever he did to maintain the furnace. I was going to ask him about the CO2 problem my room has, but decided not to bother him.

After lunch mom's new radio arrived. At first she couldn't get it to work. The battery was new and in place, everything was connected but she couldn't get any sound. So she brought it to me and asked for my help. I looked at it briefly, then turned the volume up and handed the "fixed" radio back.

I spent the afternoon working on comics. I completed the first one and did a little of the second. I then switched to working on FnF. Things seemed to be going good and I seemed to be making good progress, but after dinner I noticed that I'd ended up repeating information on many pages. I have a bad habit of including either too much or not enough information. This results in either making the point opposite the one I'm trying to make or just confusing people. So I'm going to have to start over again.

The evening was a mix of playing Gumboy, Puzzle Quest or trying to get a WAMP set up on the Windows 7 side of this machine. If I can get things running in 7 I don't need to use a VM to work on them, thus speeding up my development and making it easier for me. At first I tried an unofficial 64-bit version which was up to date. It didn't run, so I uninstalled it and installed the official version which is 32-bit and a year old. But it runs, so don't fix what isn't broken I guess. I just wish this stuff would run on the first try.

Most of the past hour was spent trying to make a post on Christianity. The current topic ended up bring up an issue that I'd like to see addressed and I think deserves its own thread. However, this ran into the too much / too little information problem and I spent quite some time editing, revising and rephrasing. After all, I'm just trying to start a discussion, not piss off all of the Catholics that read that community.

The link for today is a time-lapse video of fruit and veggies rotting. This might not sound interesting, but it is. Especially the sudden twist ending.

Adding insult to injury, the link I'd bookmarked had been taken down by a copyright claim. Fortunately it said who owned the video and they'd uploaded it themselves. Nothing's working on the first try lately...

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