Progress, but not as expected
Posted on October 4th, 2010
The original goal for today was to do some quick shopping and then work on comics. In the end, neither happened. We really don't need to rush out to the store for things, so we decided to stay home and take it somewhat easy. Comic wise, I just got sidetracked.

Aside from taking a short nap, I worked on upgrading things installed on this computer. Namely virtual machine software I use and the virtual machines themselves. I attempted to create a Linux-to-Win32 cross compiler, but that fell through after about 3 hours of work. The main reason for trying to do this is that there's a bug in Lazarus' current release that is problematic. It's fixed in the unstable (ie, testing) release, so I want to both upgrade and not break the current setup in case the upgrade doesn't work.

In the end I found out how to clone virtual machines and created a clone of the XP install. This way I could have a copy of the current unstable release of Lazarus. I've decided the best route overall is that no one toolkit will make the best program for every OS at once. After all, look at games like Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing. It was clearly written once, then merely copied to many different platforms and suffers for it. So Image Puzzle 2 will use Lazarus (unstable) for Windows and Linux, but SDL for GP2X.

Additionally, when I was napping I had a sudden brainstorm that solved my dilemma with the other site project. I'll simply make two sites. I did a lot of code tests with Flash this afternoon and found that it's more than possible for everything to work nicely.

I spent a lot of time working out details now that I have a working plan; it's not surprising that the comic fell by the wayside. So did DFO for that matter -- obviously I was serious 'bout this.

Lastly, the link for today is a warm fuzzy.

Oh what the hell. Have double dose.

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