No motivation today
Posted on October 3rd, 2010
I got up with plans of making comics and starting coding. Shortly before lunch that had deteriorated into a fantasy. Apparently I burned out all of week's remaining motivation when thinking things through yesterday.

Pretty much all I did today that was productive was getting the scripts for another week of comics written and setting up their backgrounds.

The real fun came when another round of arrhythmia showed up. This time around I also noticed that the room was rather stuffy, and this lead me to wonder if a recurring problem was related to this or not. so I went and looked it up. Turns out, high levels of carbon dioxide (basically rather stale air) can trigger tachycardia. So this round we opened the windows and aired things out. The tachycardia subsided quickly as the fresh air filled the room.

This evening the air's gotten extremely stuffy again, so I'm airing the room out yet again. The landlord has people coming on Monday to check up on the furnace, so we'll see what they have to say about this.

I will note though that it's carbon dioxide, not carbon monoxide that's the problem. The symptoms of toxic levels of the gases are different (the latter is lethal MUCH quicker that the former). Nobody seems to sell CO2 detectors for under several hundred bucks, so whether we can monitor it without using a canary is up in the air.

Most of my day was spent farming in DFO, but I also gave Gumboy a try for a while and I finally risked running Titan Quest. Titan Quest buggered up shortly after starting, but I got it to behave for now. It's not the most promising of starts by a long shot though. Honestly it leaves me wondering just how overrated 3D really is; lots of 3D games seem to be riddled with bugs or fail to work compared to 2D games in the same genre.

Tomorrow will probably involve errands as we need to stop at Target again for a number of things and can't go on Monday.

The link for today is a look inside the factories that make playing cards. It's not going to look like you are probably expecting and it's just mind-boggling to watch.

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